Rolex 5513 Gilt Bart Simpson


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Brand: Rolex
Reference: 5513
Year: 1964
Dial: black gilt gloss turning tropical
Case: 40mm SS unpolished
Bracelet: swiss rivet 7206 / 80
Accessories: box and booklets

Out of stock

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1965 Bart Simpson Gilt 5513 Submariner.  This variant was produced for only a few years in the mid 1960s. These Submariners were the last to feature the iconic gold gilt printing and they had a very distinctive asymmetrical coronet on the dial as seen here. Some collectors compared this feature to the cartoon character “Bart Simpson’s” hair and the name stuck.  Its definitely a distinctive looking dial and certainly gives some character to the last of the gilt subs.,  This particular dial aged from shiny gloss to a semi gloss tropical look which is commensurate with the aging process for these watches.  The hands match the dial nicely.  The case appears to be left unpolished and the original long5 insert has turned to dark chocolate brown. The bracelet is the original swiss rivet 7201 rolex band dated 1965 and still has the original owner initials inscribed in the clasp.  The movement is running strong and was fully overhauled in 2021.


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