Rolex 5513 GILT glossy


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Brand: Rolex
Reference: 5513
Year: 1966
Dial: gilt gloss tropical
Case: 40mm SS unpolished
Bracelet: swiss rivet 7206 / 80
Accessories: box and booklets

Out of stock

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from 1966 here is a stunning tropical gilt 5513 submariner.  The dial is still super glossy and has developed a tropically spotted look with various hues and the hands match nicely. It is easy to see that the case is left untouched as it left the factory with various scars along the way.  The insert has faded to a wonderful tropical brown and the original rivet band still has plenty of life.  The movement is winding smoothly and keeping excellent time.  Light engraving on the caseback which can be polished out if the buyer so wishes.


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