Rolex Maxi 5 an AMAZING specimen


Brand: Rolex
Reference: 5513
Year: 1984
Dial: MK 5 Matt Maxi
Case: 40mm sharp and unpolished
Bracelet: 93150 12 links
Accessories: none

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Before we even get to the dial, lets talk about this case.  If the term “unpolished watch” were in the dictionary, it should be accompanied by a photo of this watch.  The case is amazingly well preserved for a watch of now 39 years old.  The lugs are uber thick and sharp as the day they left the factory.  All the engravings are crips and no magnification is needed to see them.  Now for the dial.  The patina is almost cartoon like in color and is 100% original with nicely matching hands (note – the second hand may have been changed at some point for some reason).  There is a little aging on the script of the dial however with the overall look of the watch it really doesn’t matter and can only be seen under high magnification. The bracelet is original, fully linked and tight and the movement is running properly losing no time at all.  The insert has aged nicely to a charcoal color which compliments the watch nicely.  An overall must have for a serious submariner collector.


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