Rolex Sub Date 1680 as original as it gets


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Brand: Rolex
Reference: 1680
Year: 1979
Dial: black matt
Case: 40mm SS unpolished
Bracelet: patted 93150 VD Coded
Accessories: inner and outer boxes, punch guaranty with open name, anchor, hangtags w/serial, booklets, polishing cloth, wallet

Out of stock

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Here is a truly amazing time capsule .  This  ref 1680 Submariner was purchased from the original owner who wore it every day for about a year and then stuck it in his safety deposit box for over four decades.  The dial has amazing uniform patina and is flawless with perfectly matching hands.  The insert is the original MK3 (dirty) but in excellent shape.  The case has never been polished which is very easy to see.  The bracelet is the original 93150 VD coded oyster band in very tight and mint condition.  The movement is currently not running as it has been sitting in the bank all these years but will receive a full overhaul by a ROLEX certified technician before sending it to the new owner.


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