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We are a small boutique operation specializing in Vintage horology and more specifically Mens sports watches from 1950-1999.  I was exposed to my first vintage Rolex at the age of 12 by my father (a 1680 from 1978 which I have to this day)  and since then I have always been passionate about vintage watches.  I am a very direct and straightforward watch dealer and appreciate clients who know what they want.

How we source watches: Finding vintage watches is not easy especially these days. We have built a network of collectors, dealers, estate buyers and jewelry / pawn shops over the last two decades that we depend on to keep the watches flowing. All watches are original and or contain period correct original parts. We do not sell anything aftermarket or replica. With regard to servicing watches –  unless a watch is not keeping good time and running appropriately we do not service watches before shipping unless so desired by the buyer.